The sealing wax heater is bronze chiseled and already equipped with a wick an cap for close the bottom.

Sealing wax heater 5,0*6,0*5,5 h cm / 2,15"*2,36"*2,16"h
Box Dimensions 6,0*6,0*86,0 h cm/ 2,36"*2,36"*2,36"h
Box Weight 0.215 g / 0,50 lbs
Imflammable liquid Raccomanded Alchool 90°


Pretty chiseled glass and bronze wax heater, which also serves to prevent the light colors of the waxes from darkening

Ideal product for those who still want quality and tradition.

Glass & Bronze

Handmade entirely by our Venetian craftsmen.

The reproduction of this wax heater are born from the collaboration between artisans and master jewelers, creating products of great style and value. The important reproduction of wax heater in glass with bronze friezes and caps confer elegance and character to the product, an important accessory for your desk and ideal product for do the perfect seal.


Finish Options

This product comes with one finishing options, in bronze.


Buyer's Note

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Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica was founded in a small laboratory on the edgeof the venice lagoon in 1980. The maturation of many years of experience has led to a leap in quality that has affected the entire creative process of our inkwell collection shop online. Our creations are all made in Italy, an opportunity to appreciate the relevance of inkwell collection made with creative process totaly completely handmade made in Italy. Bortoletti Venice.

This product made entirely by hand by our artisans in our factory in Venice, is made with the classic Venetian craftsmanship tools to give the charm of a timeless object.
The package is a gift box embellished with the Bortoletti gold logo on the front.

A guarantee certificate is provided which certifies the use of unalterable materials over time

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