Gothic Medieval letter, adaptable to all our seals.

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The bronze seal has a diameter of 22 cm;
There are 26 seal available, one for each letter of the alphabet.

Bronze Seal 2,2cm / 0,86"
Conf Individually wrapped
Weight 11g / 0.02 lbs


Seal cast bronze;
These bronze seals faithfully reflect the character used in ancient times to seal an envelope;
Unlike engraved seals, durability over time is guaranteed.

Compatible with all SEAL Handle
Bronze Seal


Heat the wax directly on the open flame with the use of a spirit or kitchen lighter (only for dark colors), dissolving a small amount directly on the paper or on the final surface of the seal. Grasp the seal paying attention to the mark engraved on the back of the plate and press gently on the still warm wax. Allow to cool for 1 minute and gently tilt the seal until it comes off the sealing wax. Move the finger over the newly created mold to polish it. It does not require oils or cleaning for subsequent use.
To make the wax seal stand out, use the gold or silver cream by spreading it directly on the mold with the fingertip.
Use the spirit filled with 90% pure alcohol to make your seals;


Buyer's Note

This product made entirely by hand by our artisans in our factory in Venice, is made with the classic Venetian craftsmanship tools to give the charm of a timeless object.
The package is a gift box embellished with the Bortoletti gold logo on the front.

A guarantee certificate is provided which certifies the use of unalterable materials over time

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